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Pastoral Services

Reverend Peter Church is an ordained Pastor who has been in full-time ministry for more than 50 years. During that time he has provided many sacramental and personal services and ceremonies. He performs personalized liturgical and non-denominational Christian ceremonies. Rev. Church will ensure a memorable event which will be enjoyed by you and your guests. The ceremonies are meticulously planned to make sure your event is exactly what you expected, and reflects you individually or as a couple or family.

For any events or ceremonies, Rev. Church has access to a delightful Chapel on the South Bank of the St. Johns River which has additional separate space for a reception. There is a modest rental fee for the use of the facility and the amount depends on the occasion.

Rev. Church looks forward to working with you in planning an event that will have life time memories for all who attend.


A phone call to Rev. Church will help you decide the how, what, where or why about getting married. A consultation will help you decide if you want him to perform your ceremony. He will then meet with you to discuss the details of your wedding. Having “tied the knot” for many couples over the years, Rev. Church can answer all your questions in detail.

A full service wedding will include:

  • One personal initial consultation
  • The wedding rehearsal. He will work with your wedding coordinator if you have one.
  • You must obtain a marriage license prior to the ceremony. Rev. Church will process the marriage certificate and forward it to the Registrar of the county.
  • If requested, Rev. Church will attend your wedding reception.

The suggested honorarium for a full service wedding as outlined above is $500.

Blessing and Celebration of a Marriage

You are already married, but you wish to have your marriage blessed in a formal ceremony.

The suggested honorarium is $100.




Renewing of Vows

The joy of marriage is rekindled by marking a special wedding anniversary with the renewing of your vows and a special Blessing for the occasion.

The suggested honorarium is $100.

Blessing or Dedication of Infants

One of the greatest joys in the life of a family is the birth of a child. Rev. Church performs a joyous ceremony for newborns which includes the sprinkling with Consecrated water, anointing with Consecrated oil if desired, and the imparting of a special Blessing on the infant, parents and family. He provides a certificate which contains the names of the baby, the parents and others if chosen as Godparents.

The suggested honorarium is $100.

House Blessings

A special time in life is the taking possession of a house which you will call Home. It may be the purchase or even the rental of a place where you will live. The House Blessing is a warm and meaningful service of consecration which marks the building as “our home” as you move from room to room, blessing each with prayer.

The suggested honorarium is $100.

Blessing of a Social Occasion

Rev. Church will create and present a written blessing for any person who wishes to have a special occasion honored. Functions may include: Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries, Graduations or any other special occasion.

The suggested honorarium is $100.

Funerals or Memorial Services

Rev. Church conducts traditional funerals or services of remembrance which contain the solemn beauty, reverence and hope of the church.

The suggested honorarium is $100 to conduct the service.  If the service includes officiating at the burial site the suggested honorarium is $200.

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