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Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast

12th Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast

Celebrated on October 18, 2016

Speaker: Pastor John S. Dickerson
Former Winner of the National Livingston Award for Young Journalists
Now Teaching Pastor at Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, CA

The first time I heard John Dickerson speak, my interest was not only quickened, but my thoughts went immediately to our Annual Prayer Breakfast. His message was clearly Biblical and I realized he could bring a dynamic and challenging message to Jacksonville. I contacted him and so began a process of almost two years. With the guidance of the LORD, he became the Speaker at our 12th Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast. Both his Method and his Message proved to be dynamic and inspiring to one of our largest audiences in a long time.” (Rev. Peter Church)

A Millennial with Biblical convictions and cultural awareness, John Dickerson is an in-demand conference speaker and has been featured on national TV.

His writing has appeared in The New York Times and USA Today, among others. In 2009, Tom Brokaw, Charles Gibson (ABC News), and Anna Quindlen (Newsweek), named his investigative reporting the best in the nation (The Livingston Award for Young Journalists).

Footnote: On reading John Dickerson’s book, The Great Evangelical Recession, I consulted with him. As a result we ordered copies of the book and 200 copies were sold at the Prayer Breakfast.

Reverend Peter Church
Pastor John Dickerson

Rev. Peter Church, Rev. Dave Howard, Pastor John Dickerson, and Two of the Many Believers Who Attended the Prayer Breakfast.


On Tuesday morning, April 7th, 2015, First Coast Leadership Foundation Celebrated the


A decade ago, GOD gave us the vision for a Spiritual event which would match the impact of Super Bowl XXXIX. On February 6, 2005, during Super Bowl Week, we presented our FIRST GREATER JACKSONVILLE PRAYER BREAKFAST. Since that initial gathering, we have had the privilege of bringing Believers together for 11 years to intercede for our City and demonstrate the foundation of our calling:

The Prayer of our LORD Jesus,

“I pray that they all may be one…that the world may believe.” John 17:21


10th Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast 2014

Guest Speaker: W. Wilson Goode, Sr., D.M.

The Courage to Effect Change


Dr. Wilson Goode is best known for his two terms as the mayor of Philadelphia. However, his true passion led to the founding of a nonprofit ministry to help seven million American children who have one or both parents either in jail, on parole, or under state or federal supervision.

The pain of a fatherless home happened to Dr. Goode at age 14. As an adult, he reflected on that separation and the growing statistic that a child without a father or mentor has a 70% probability of becoming a failure in the community or, worse, a prisoner. It fueled a passion that led to a commitment and a Doctorate of Ministry at age 62. Now, Dr. Goode works tirelessly for the good of other fatherless children.

  • LEARN: Understand the grim reality of fatherless homes and its consequences.
  • DISCOVER: One courageous leader can achieve greater results than anyone predicts.
  • SUCCEED: Have a vision that is informed by faith. Be determined. Work hard. Be available. Demonstrate humility.

9th Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast 2013

Guest Speaker: Professor Byron Johnson, Ph.D.

Author of More God – Less Crime


Dr. Johnson is Distinguished Professor of Social Sciences at Baylor University. He is the founding director of the Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion (ISR) as well as director of the Program on Prosocial Behavior. Professor Johnson recently completed a series of empirical studies for the Department of Justice on the role of religion in prosocial youth behavior and was appointed by the President as a member of the Coordinating Council for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The problem of juvenile crime was cited in a Florida Times-Union article “Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline.”

Churches, congregations, and faith-based organizations are essential in forming partnerships necessary to provide the human and spiritual capital to effectively address crime, offender rehabilitation, and the substantial aftercare problems facing former prisoners. Faith-based approaches to crime prevention bring added value in targeting those factors known to cause crime: poverty, lack of education, and unemployment.

Announcing the Nehemiah Family Life Centers

The mission of the Nehemiah Family Centers is to serve the community and transform lives. The Nehemiah Team is developing a practical outreach that fulfills its mission.

At the Prayer Breakfast, we shared a vision to reach into the community and minister to the issues of absentee fathers, single parent families, disadvantaged youth, and the challenges in Professor Johnson’s book, More God – Less Crime.

Pictured above, in order: Hosts: Rev. Peter Church and Pastor R.L. Gundy, Organizing Committee: Doug Milne and Carlton Jones, Patrons: Senator Tony Hill and Rep. Ander Crenshaw

Prayer Breakfast Flier


8th Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast 2012

Guest Speakers

image015 image017 image018

Pictured above, in order: Jack Gaines, D.D., Author, My Brother’s Keeper NOT My Brother’s Killer. Jerry Gaines, Author, 40 Stories High. Live Wesige, Author, Through it all

For two hundred years, the West African nation of Benin was the heart of the hatred trade which captured, sold, and shipped men, women, and children as slaves to the markets of Europe and America.

In 1999, Jack Gaines was an organizer of the Reconciliation and Empowerment Conference in Benin which brought together the children of the victims and the traders in a gathering of confession, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Out of the healing of that conference, Jack Gaines now dedicates himself to a life and ministry that shares “The blueprint for ending conflict in our time.” Reconciliation leads to freedom and growth instead of the prison created by hatred.

Reconciliation results in forgiveness that restores friendship and love.

7th Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast 2011

Guest Speaker Graham Power, Litt.D., South African Founder and President of the GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER


Beginning with the visit of Pastor John Thomas in 2010, Jacksonville embarked on preparations for the celebration of The Global Day of Prayer. With the historic and personal ties between Cape Town and Jacksonville, Father Church contacted Dr. Graham Power in Cape Town and began the relationship that ultimately resulted in Jacksonville being the host city for the 2011 International Broadcast of The Global Day of Prayer on June 11th. As the speaker at the 2011 Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast in March, Graham fired the imagination of the 700 participants. Celebrated in the sanctuary of The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship, it was an important connection to the first observation of the annual event which occurred in 2005.

For highlights from The Global Day of Prayer in Jacksonville, 2011, click the link below and click on Media.

The Global Day of Prayer

6th Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast 2010

Guest Speaker: Pastor John Thomas, Cape Town, South Africa

image021The visit of Pastor John Thomas reaches back into the history of the ministry of Father Peter Church. Pastor Thomas now serves the church in Cape Town, South Africa, where Father Church served as the first pastor in 1995. His ministry powerfully impacted Jacksonville with a challenge to work for and believe in a spiritual awakening based on the word of the prophet Isaiah who proclaimed, “This is the fast I have chosen: To loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free” Is. 58:6. The strength of Pastor Thomas’s message rests in the example which he and his church have set by a passionate social ministry among a desperately poor community. More than a million refugees live in squalid conditions on the outskirts of Cape Town — reputed at that time to be the most beautiful city in the world. The visit of Pastor Thomas also introduced us to the Cape Town based, world-wide ministry, of The Global Day of Prayer.


5th Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast 2009

Guest Speaker: Richard Stearns, President of World Vision, Inc.

image022World Vision is active in 190 nations of the world and is supported by 40,000 volunteers. Stearns’s message of compassionate action in the community and in the world of natural disasters brought home the need for a ministry for the socially underprivileged in our own community. Basing his message on the words of Jesus, “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me,” Matthew 25:40, he challenged the Church in Jacksonville to be actively engaged in the social issues of our community. The power of his illustrations and his message prepared the Church in Jacksonville for the coming of our next speaker and the consequent involvement in The Global Day of Prayer. He presented his new book, The Hole in the Gospel.

4th Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast 2008

Guest Speaker: Lloyd John Ogilvie, Ph.D.

image023Previously senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church Hollywood, California, and chaplain of the United States Senate, Dr. Ogilvie now leads “Preaching with Passion” conferences for pastors. He is a frequent speaker at The Cove, the Billy Graham Conference Center in the mountains of North Carolina. Following the extended illness and passing of his wife, he is now married to Doris, and together they travel throughout the world sharing the message of the One Who is always loyal and faithful. It is said of his ministry, “He can refresh your passion and hope for the future.” In addition to his gracious words of hope and courage for the Prayer Breakfast, Dr. Ogilvie’s ministry made a deep and profound impression on our pastors. Because of his ability to communicate the message of the Word of God with depth and insight, he stirred a quiet passion in our Jacksonville audience.

3rd Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast 2007

Guest Speaker: Pastor Tony Evans, Th.D., Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, Texas

image024In addition to his powerful ministry of faith and obedience, Dr. Evans also unveiled “The National Adopt-A-School Initiative.” Following his address to the audience of 1,200, Dr. Evans met with a gathering of pastors and Christian leaders to introduce Jacksonville to “The National Adopt-A-School Initiative.” As a consequence of a close relationship with our School Board, this vision was initially vigorously promoted by the ministry FCLF and has now been embraced by the Duval County Public Schools as a Faith Based Initiative. Following FCLF’s active participation in The Global Day of Prayer on June 11, 2011, the Initiative is now part of the “90 Days of Blessing and Beyond” social outreach program serving our public schools. The Initiative invites individual churches to become actively involved in assisting our schools.

2nd Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast 2006

Guest Speaker: Pastor Carla Harris, Business Executive, Author, and Professional Gospel Singer

image025Born in Jacksonville and graduating from Bishop Kenny High School, Carla Harris went on to become an executive in a New York City financial institution and a soloist with the New York Opera. In front of our audience of 1,000, she performed with a vibrant voice and captured our audience with her bright personality. She shared the joy of her Christian faith and challenged her hometown crowd to share our vibrant Christian faith with the entire city.

The Children’s Choir of Jacksonville performed for us and focused our attention on the importance of our children and their education.

1st Annual Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast 2005

Guest Speaker: George Otis, Jr., Founder and President of The Sentinel Group

image026Our inaugural City-Wide Prayer Breakfast was preceded by the presentation of a spectacular “March for Jesus,” organized by my daughter Jenny, and staged on Saturday with a throng of 3,000 enthusiastic and vocal Christians. We launched the witness of the Church to a world which was preparing for Super Bowl XXXIX. The Prayer Breakfast was hosted by Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin at the Potter’s House Christian Fellowship. Five hundred people from every section of the community gathered to pray for the city of Jacksonville during Super Bowl week. We made a statement about our unity as the Body of Christ and our commitment to see Jacksonville transformed by the Gospel message.

Guest Speaker George Otis, Jr. formed The Sentinel Group in 1990 as a community of cutting-edge researchers, filmmakers, and ministers dedicated to the task of preparing needy communities for spiritual revival. It is dedicated to “helping the Church pray knowledgeably for end time global evangelization and enabling communities to discover the pathway to genuine revival and societal transformation.”

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