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Father Peter Church


To unite the Church for strategic Outreach Ministry


“To partner with a coalition of Christian leaders who, in unity, commit themselves to labor in love for the transformation of the community by proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”


“Serve the Community … Transform Lives”

The Rev. Peter Church is the Executive Director and President. He is joined by his wife Suzanne Church.

The Game That Changed Jacksonville

When it was announced that Jacksonville would host Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005, Peter Church conceived the idea of using Super Bowl as a catalyst to unite the churches of Jacksonville in a joint effort to “Serve the Community and Transform Lives”. He consulted with Mike Weinstein, Chairman of the Super Bowl Host Committee, and concluded the idea was viable. Mr. Weinstein offered to host a lunch meeting and, in partnership with Pastor Garry Wiggins and Vaughn McLaughlin (now Bishop McLaughlin), a gathering of city leaders was held in AllTell Stadium on March 15, 2002. An audience of 130 city leaders embraced the concept, and with a group of enthusiastic supporters, Peter Church launched FIRST COAST LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION. FCLF was incorporated as a 501(c)3 ministry in 2004.

Three major events marked the beginning of FCLF’s witness in Jacksonville.

In 2003, the organization presented a Rally to reach and challenge men. The initial “Men That Matter” Rally drew 350 men to a Saturday morning breakfast with Patrick Morley, President and Founder of “Man in the Mirror” as the speaker.

Subsequent “Men That Matter” outreach gatherings featured noted speakers such as Heisman Trophy winners Danny Wuerffel and Tim Tebow.

Men that Matter

Jenny HowardDuring the 2005 Super Bowl festivities, FCLF conducted its first Greater Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast. The event, celebrated at The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, drew 500 Christians from all parts of the church and community. George Otis Jr., Founder and President of “The Sentinel Group” was the speaker.

On the Saturday prior to Super Bowl week FCLF, with Jenny Howard as Director, presented a “March for Jesus” which drew a throng of 10,000 people, representing 300 churches. The event was featured on the front page of the New York Times and accomplished the goal of creating a strong awareness of the Church and the witness of the Gospel of Christ in the Community.

Our Patrons

Congressman Ander CrenshawSenator Anthony C. Hill


Jacksonville, July 2013 Press Release “Absentee Fathers” have been named as America’s “No. 1 social problem”! A coalition of the First Coast’s Not-for-Profit Organizations are taking aim at the problem and working to bring the number down. On Saturday, August 10th from 11:00am to 3:00pm the Nehemiah Family Life Center will host a family focused festival with the theme: “Take It To The Community, Stop the Violence”. With a focus on Fathers and Families the festival will feature Back-To-School supplies, Bounce House Fun, Puppet Shows and refreshments. Children will have games to play and a time to remember. The event will be held at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Recreation Center located at the corner of 2036 Silver Street, Jacksonville, 32206. In addition to the fun, healthcare providers will offer screenings for childhood maladies. Specialist medical practitioners will offer testing for sight, hearing and other potential obstacles to learning. Representatives of the Department of Children and Families will be on hand to advise parents on personal family related issues. Members of the Duval County School Board Faith Based Council will provide information on Parent Academies which offer assistance in improving relationships between parents, schools and students. Offered by Strategic Partners of the Nehemiah Family Life Centers, the event will create the opportunity for parents to seek advice, counsel and help in the responsibilities of helping their children succeed in school. The Nehemiah Center will provide continuing guidance, counsel and assistance in the challenge of being responsible and well-informed parents.


“To establish Nehemiah Family Life Centers in Duval County where God’s intended plans and purposes for fathers, mothers, and children can be restored and maintained.”

As a Leadership Foundations “City of Peace,” Jacksonville is devoted to the transformation of the community, socially and spiritually”.

Assisted by a team of united community leaders, the Nehemiah Family Life Centers are under the joint direction of The Rev. Peter Church, Founder and Director of First Coast Leadership Foundation (FCLF) and Pastor R. l. Gundy, Pastor of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church.. CONTACT: Father Peter Church (CEO) Pastor R. L. Gundy (CAO) First Coast Leadership Foundation (904) 683-0972 (904) 733-1382 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

New family life center offers hope in Jacksonville

Fri, Jun 21, 2013 @ 3:51 pm | updated Fri, Jun 21, 2013 @ 5:02 pm The Rev. R.L. Gundy says Jacksonville is ready for a new leadership coalition. Father Peter Church, co-director of the family life center, is founder of First Coast Christian Outreach. The Rev. R.L. Gundy says Jacksonville is ready for a new leadership coalition. Father Peter Church, co-director of the family life center, is founder of First Coast Leadership Foundation.
Saturday morning is not your typical worship day in Jacksonville’s Christian community.
But the service being held in Jacksonville’s North Springfield area on June 15 was not typical either. Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, pastored by the Rev. R.L. Gundy, was the setting for a dedication ceremony of the city’s first Nehemiah Family Center nearby. The co-director with Gundy is Father Peter Church. The center is the product of a group of people of good will throughout Jacksonville, spurred by Christian principles but not limited to them and backed by a national group. The vision is to “turn back the tide of broken homes, poverty, crime, soaring dropout rates, single parent homes and overwhelming hopelessness,” quoting the Nehemiah Family Center’s pamphlet. Spiritual leadership will be tapped to bring help and hope to Jacksonville’s needy families. There are several special traits of this project. First is the national support that comes from the Leadership Foundation of Tacoma, Wash. The group had its genesis in Pittsburgh in 1978 when church leaders joined with others of good will to meet the personal, spiritual, physical and economic needs of Pittsburgh’s most distressed neighborhoods. For instance, the services included expanding joint ministry for high-risk youth, fighting drug addiction, developing housing, extending health care and developing a gifts-in-kind storehouse. It starts with a Christian foundation and builds widely. There are Leadership Foundation affiliates in 48 other cities. Included are 25,000 community partners, 12,000 volunteers, 800,000 served through Leadership Foundations’ initiatives and four million more people served by the partners. That same spirit could be felt at the recent service where an eclectic group of concerned citizens raised their voices with the enthusiasm of a preacher. The initial focus will be in the following areas: FATHERS Proven programs such as Great Dads and others will help provide support and reclamation for fathers. CHILDREN Partnerships will be established for middle and high schools. Programs such as Watch D.O.G. will recruit fathers to assist with security and provide mentors. MOTHERS Since about 70 percent of single-parent households are headed by mothers, they will be assisted with programs such as the Seven Habits of Successful Parenting. LIFE COACHES Volunteers will be recruited, trained and certified to help people and families make wise choices. FAMILY FINANCES Sound financial planning will be part of the training made available. HONORING GOD The project is faith-based and seeks to use spiritual leadership to combat broken homes, poverty, crime, high dropout rates, single parent homes and hopelessness. Gundy expressed the hope that these centers will expand and multiply through the city, spurred by a renewed sense of energy and possibility. It’s time for others of good will to consider how they can help. Contact: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

JACKSONVILLE BECOMES A LEADERSHIP FOUNDATIONS “CITY OF PEACE” AND DEDICATES THE NEHEMIAH FAMILY LIFE CENTER Jacksonville, FL – June 11, 2013 – On the day before Father’s Day, Saturday, June 15th at 11:00 am, Bryan D. Hensley, Northeast Region Deputy Director of the Florida Department of Children and Families will be a guest speaker at the Dedication of the first Nehemiah Family Life Center located at 2049 Pearl Street in the Fellowship Center of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. Drawing from National resources and partnering with a coalition of Strategic Faith Based leaders in Duval County the Center has been established to provide access to counseling, mentoring and remedial services in order to combat what has been declared “the Nation’s No. 1 social problem,” the epidemic of Absentee Fathers, broken homes, single mothers, and at-risk children. In partnership with the Duval County School Board’s Faith Based Initiatives the Nehemiah Family Life Centers will participate in and partner with Superintendent Vitti’s Parent Academies. “The more and the earlier we can get parents involved, the better it will be.” said the mayor. “I commend Dr. Vitti for his vision. A parent academy is an important tool that we can use to help every parent gain a firmer footing in their child’s education.” Directed by the partnership of Father Peter Church and Pastor R.L. Gundy, the Nehemiah Family Life Centers are an initiative of First Coast Leadership Foundation and are affiliated with Leadership Foundations. Leadership Foundations “Cities of Peace” are cities which are being “transformed socially and spiritually”. OUR MISSION: “To establish Nehemiah Family Life Centers in Duval County where God’s intended plans and purposes for fathers, mothers, and children can be restored and maintained.” CONTACT: Father Peter Church First Coast Leadership Foundation (904) 733-1382 Pastor R. L. Gundy CREDI (904) 683-0972

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