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In 1974 I was a speaker at the International Congress on World Evangelism in Lauzanne Switzerland. Based on the work I was doing in SA I was invited to speak on the use of media in reaching the masses. In South Africa God had given me the vision to use Christian Films to reach unreached people. Representing the BILLY GRAHAM film ministry “World Wide Pictures” and all the other Christian film producers in the USA, our mission GO-TELL COMMUNICATIONS reached countless numbers of people who came for the unusual opportunity to see “a movie”. With specially equipped vans, our workers travelled into the most remote regions of Southern Africa, gathered thousands to “SEE” the gospel and witnessed great numbers of people receiving Christ as Lord and Savior. That was “the dark ages” of media communication. Today, 40 years later, the science of electronics and communication have revolutionized the role of THE EVANGELIST. In December of 2010, I attended a Media Based Conference in Los Angeles and found that technology had advanced so exponentially I felt the revolution had passed me by! Today, with the help of a young generation, we are marching into a future that 40 years ago was unimagined.

The most graphic illustration I have of the changing times is the image of a rural African farmer in Kenya. A friend of mine witnessed the farmer plowing his small plot of ground with an oxen and an old fashioned wood frame plow and steel spike. What made the picture so memorable is the fact that as the man followed the plow, he held in his hand… a cell phone!

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